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    Discovering what could facilitate collaboration has been a journey for Wishes Alliance. We have sensitized other NGOs about working together to achieve more, and we put ourselves in the driving seat to lead the discussion on ways to make collaboration among NGOs work. Wishes Alliance also created the Wishes Alliance Forums for realtime discussions to take place among NGOs. This initiative has truly made Wishes Alliance known and the center piece for the idea of NGOs working together in Ghana. The Forums have been a great idea for NGO engagement and also for Wishes Alliance to collect more data on NGOs. We can proudly say that we have more accurate data on NGOs than any public institution in the country; this has been mostly information collected from NGOs attending forums. Cooperation among NGOs is still a huge and challenging agenda for any organization to pursue. Perhaps this has not been an area of focus for other groups for reasons Wishes Alliance cannot pursue. We are always happy to work with and share our ideas and information and possibly collaborate with other bodies that want to be a part of building a co-creating sustainable future.

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