Shah Tasadduque Ali Khan

Human Rights Worker · Dhaka, Bangladesh More about Shah Tasadduque Ali Khan
  • 44 years old.
  • Member since December 7 2013.
  • Personal Background

    Greetings! Dear readers first I would like to thank you all for reading my profile.

    I am Shah Tasadduque Ali Khan. I was born in the eastern part of Bangladesh. After a B.S.S in Political Science I have completed M.S.S in Political Science where I studied Global Politics including International Economy. I have completed my Law graduation degree in the year 2005. And completed a Diploma In Computer Science.

    I am currently working with the Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society  ( ) as Executive Director. Human rights based organization from 2008. I love working with young people particularly in areas related to crises. I do believe that empowerment of young people, development of their leadership skills, and participation in decision making can make the difference!!

    Nice to meet you all in this online platform.


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