Matt Hamilton

Geneva, Switzerland More about Matt Hamilton
  • 34 years old.
  • Member since October 7 2011.
  • Personal Background

    Matt holds an MA in International Affairs from IHEID in Geneva, as well as a BA in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC. He has interned at the British Embassy in Washington and several organizations in Geneva. He has a broad area of interests, including labor issues, sustainability, organic agriculture, transportation systems, standards-setting, and human rights. 

    Originally from Austin, Texas, Matt has spent time in Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland. He is proficient in Spanish and Portuguese, with a working knowledge of French. He is also known to mutter the occasional word or phrase in Swiss German when crossing the Röstigraben.

    In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, swimming, dancing and traveling. He has a great love for the Portuguese langauge and its music, especially fado and música popular brasileira. 

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