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    IDEI is a social enterprise committed to providing long term solutions to poverty, hunger and deprivation. Towards this end it works specifically with smallholder farmers and promotes affordable irrigation technologies which helps them overcome dependence on monsoon for agriculture & engage in year round cultivation. IDEI has promoted its affordable irrigation technologies to over 1.2 million small hold farmers (cumulatively over 6 million people) across 15 states of India and have enabled them to lead a life of dignity and respect that they so rightfully deserve. These use farmers have in turn generated over USD 1 Billion as net additional income. With their promotion over 600 million litres of diesel; 700 million kWh electricity &; over 5 Billion Cu Mtr water has been saved & over 2 Million tCO2 eq. carbon emission reduction achieved. Following market based approach has led to generation of over 550 Million person days employmen t generated locally. IDEI has a strong R&D wing that is constantly working on developing technologies that best respond to farmer needs and has developed a repertoire of affordable irrigation technologies. IDEI also has a carbon credit programme and it is a part of developing water credits as well.

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