Denielle Sachs

Director of Social Impact for McKinsey & Company · More about Denielle Sachs
  • Member since May 10 2013.
  • Personal Background

    Denielle Sachs is the Director of Social Impact for McKinsey & Company where she leads the overall strategic design and implementation of its social impact positioning and knowledge portfolio. This includes oversight of the firm’s 'business in society' strategy, and covers McKinsey’s work in education, health, economic development, and social innovation. For over 12 years she has successfully positioned organizations for long-term social impact and helped them to establish a solid reputation built on trust with key stakeholders. Denielle has led public policy and advocacy campaigns for NGOs, advised clients on community engagement strategies in developing countries, managed complex media logistics for the White House, and designed rapid response crisis communications programs for fortune 500 companies. Denielle contributes to numerous magazines and sits on the advisory board of the Resolution Project. She holds an MSc in International Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and a BA in International Politics from New York University. Follow her on Twitter @dano129.

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