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    LIBERA was founded on March 25, 1995 thanks to the initiative of civil society in the fight against the mafias and to promote lawfulness and justice. Currently there are more than 1600 organizations cooperating with Libera, including national and local organizations as well as social cooperatives groups and realities of base. Additionally, Libera coordinates with more than 4500 schools through educational programs of democratic lawfulness in Italy and the rest of the world. The law on the social use of goods confiscated from the mafias, education about lawfulness, the pledge against corruption, support to the victims of the mafias, anti-mafia formation camps, anti-racket and anti- usury activities are some of the concrete labors of this association. Furthermore is recognized as an association of social promotion by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Solidarity and as an association with Special Advising Status in the Economic Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). Eurispes (European Studies Center) included Libera amongst the top 100 organizations of excellence within Italy in 2008. Libera was recognized in 2009 by Cese (Economic and Social Committee of Europe) as one of the best experience, as an association for the organization of civil society. The association works on different areas:  

    LIBERA FORMATION Is the sector within Libera that works to create and develop methods through which to educate and to train citizens on how to combat mafias and promote social responsibility and democratic lawfulness, as the motto of Don Milani goes “I care”. Libera pursues these aims through dialogue with the schools, universities, associations and other local entities and it is a training organism accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. 

    LIBERA SPORT Sport can be a tool to transmit positive values to young generations. The value of the respect of laws, the respect for others, such as a rival or team-mate, or simply respect for those who think differently from you. Not only that. Sport can also be a channel for the affirmation of these values, but in itself is a value. - Confiscated goods and land – Libera LAND Law n. 109/96 on the social use of assets confiscated from mafias provides for the granting of all property and wealth acquired through illegal activities to the following — private organizations; cooperatives; municipal, provincial and regional administrations — able to return these goods to the community by converting them into socially beneficial entities.

    LIBERA MEMORY On 21st March of every year we celebrate the Day of Memory and Pledge to recall the victims of the mafias. 21st March, the first day of spring, is a symbol of renewed hope. This day is also an opportunity for family members of victims to share their strength and seek a real and profound justice, transforming their suffering into an instrument in the fight against mafias, defined by commitment and peace.

    LEGAL DEPARTMENT The legal department seeks to provide a service where victims of mafias violence and their families, victims of usury and racket and “justice witnesses” are accompanied through the bureaucratic administration and complex legislation of a judicial matter.

    LIBERA INTERNATIONAL Illegal trafficking, international environmental crimes, frauds, intellectual property crimes and worldwide illicit economic networks can only be fought effectively by an efficient and organized global network. In June 2008, Libera promoted the birth of FLARE - Freedom Legality And Rights in Europe - a network of about 50 organizations from 30 European and Mediterranean countries. Libera is also promoting the foundation of the ALAS - America Latina Alternativa Social - network which unites organizations throughout Latin America.

    LIBERA INFORMATION Libera Information Foundation aims to unite in a wide network the many frontiers fighting against the mafia and promote a more open national sharing of information. Libera Information works daily in close cooperation with Libera and its reference networks and, moreover, with newspapers, radio and television companies, magazines, websites, blogs, local authorities and institutions.

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