Upside-down Russia is the scene of betrayal of many principles. While Natalya Estemirova still waits in her tomb for an investigation into her shooting, in Chechnya in July 2009, her former colleague and chairman of the Human Rights Defender NGO Memorial is now himself on trial. Ramzan Kadyrov has put Mr Orlov under a legal siege that could send the human rights defender to prison. Mr Orlov said in public that he knew who had killed the renowned advocate, adding that it was the least he could say in honor of his colleague. Young Kadyrov’s lawyer went as far as to say that “Maybe Memorial itself ordered the killing in order to discredit my client”. If only Dostoievski could come to defend Mr Orlov and question Kadyrov when they meet at the bar this January! At least we would have a moment of real philosophy. And one more reason to say NO to impunity.