Delhi saw widespread protest on the Nirbhaya issue .       

                    I am writing this article on the day when the Headlines reads 'Yet another brutal incident of Rape in Delhi , Bus Driver rapes a 10 year girl of his neighbourhood ' and yet again i hang my head in shame . The Delhi rape case had a quite strong effect on me. In many ways , it startled me from my slumber . The last time around when I felt so disgusted was perhaps when the Taj attack took place in India, the way Shopian rape incident occurred in Kashmir or when I read about the brutal way in which Soma Suri was raped under custody. There are countless incidents such like that in modern times when I have felt disgusted , when I have clenched my fist in anger to smash the culprits but have also been made to realize of my limitations as a ‘Common man’ of the ‘Largest Democracy’ of the world .

What was even more shocking was the apathy of the local people and the police after the act when they even debated at the crime spot where the victim and her friend were fighting for life whether they came under their police station or not rather than rushing them to hospital immediately. Over the years I feel that as we are marching ahead on the path of progress , somewhere our moral grounds have dampen into a sludge.

Cases of violence and rapes are rampant not only in Delhi but also elsewhere in hinterland and lesser known dark corners of the country. Maybe I feel that this problem is a case of the depleting moral values of the modern Indian society. Many conservatives maintain that ‘capitalism and consumerism and growing individualism’ have led to ‘decay in the society’. Often ‘westernization’ is blamed but i tend to disagree , Rapes are solely due to the ebb at which moral grounds have been pushed in India today . After the incident, there was rage in the nation, there were protests all across the nation but will this materialize to anything substantial? That remains a question to be asked.

The problem won’t be solved by having stricter laws or heated debates on the News channels. As even there I found patriarchic and dogmatic opinions doing rounds almost everywhere as Nirbhaya struggled for her life in hospital. In fact some factions of the media was even interested in revealing her name when the Indian Law strictly states that naming a rape victim is prohibited which was appalling . I hope that this incident does not becomes a debating ground for what women should do and what they should wear rather it should raise questions on the mindset of the society which rejoices killing women in fetuses and takes pleasure in branding rape as ‘consensual sex’ most of the times for money and is insensitive enough to even say that ‘She use to dress indecently so she had it coming ‘after someone gets raped.

           I believe that we have to take a holistic approach to solve the issue. It’s about time when our education system needs to take up the responsibility of inculcating good moral values in youngsters. In our pursuit of producing Engineers and Doctors, we have overlooked the moral values of our generation and the cases against women are ramifications of such negligence. Rapes happen everywhere whether at workplaces, in Page 3 circles, on roads or in slums- it is not associated with one particular strata of the society but rather with its dogmatic mindset . In fact , many women are daily subjected to 'marital Rape' but the law is yet to recognise that .

   Regular Sessions need to be conducted even in workplace to ensure that Women employees do not face discrimination and are treated well. I would also expect those who have been vociferously raising their voice in social media to also come forward and resist any such incidents they come across in real life. Actions are all we need at the moment. Mere words won’t suffice. As the Justice Verma commitee has submitted its report and the new Rape law is passed , I feel that the problem is far too deep entrenched in our mindset that it has almost transcended law and judiciary . In most of the cases , the rapist knows the victim from before . The mindset has to change and it needs to change everywhere from villages to metropolitans. Let us together pledge that we won't let her death go in vain , lets stand together in this fight . A wind of change is all the Indian society needs to feel and it needs the participation of each and every member of the society for the wind to blow. Till then i can just listen to Scorpions and imagine that

"The future's in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change"

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
In the wind of change

- Shashank Saurav