After nearly a year at the head of the American mission in Geneva,  US Ambassador to the UN, Betty King, gave a press conference on December 16.  An exercise that she admits is not her favorite occupation in Geneva, or anywhere else for that matter.  She has not failed in her duty to keep an eye on the numerous prominent topics.  And it wouldn’t be fair to her teams to ignore the unprecedented changes taking place in the American presidency since the arrival of President Obama.  However, the Ambassador has not said much about one of her favorite subjects, namely the tricky and ongoing issue of intellectual property.  On the other hand, she has spoken out about the American authorities’ concern to see a clear improvement in the efficiency of the UN machine.  Fewer meetings, more efficiency, fewer addenda and more results.  There hasn’t been a wikileak, but nevertheless we can detect a certain impatience - extremely understandable, as it happens. 

So let’s salute Ambassador Betty King’s courage, in a world where most people look down at the toes of their shoes as soon as the vocabulary becomes less consensual.