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Day 18 - Who am I ? Cairo/Tahrir Square - February 11, 2012

Who am I ?

I am a young Egyptian - could have been old. I am a male, could have been a female.    I never tasted what democracy is about as born and always lived under Mubarak's regime. I may be a student, or who knows a factory worker or just simply unemployed.   I may be rich, I may be poor - I may be a coptic or a Muslim - I am your Egyptian brother fighting for a decent life and equity, coming back to Tahrir a year after our former dictator's fall to ensure that our revolution will not get stolen to us.

This is the final photo in the series from our correspondent in Egypt.

We invite you to follow the comprehensive report "Egypt - a year later" in the next issue of the Global Journal, available in March 2012.

(Photo © Gaël Favari for The Global Journal)


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