Dominic Sam is Liberia’s United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Country Director. A UN official of many years’ standing, Dominic Sam has worked in Cameroon, the United States and Liberia. His views are based on his conflict and post-conflict experience in West Africa, where he is a firm supporter of “women’s situation rooms.”

Sam is also an active member of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, an inter-agency “knowledge hub for better peacebuilding,” and in April 2012 he presented his contribution to the UNDP report Governance for Peace (2012).

Designed to communicate his experience of post-conflict societies and their development prospects, Sam’s report is based on the Liberian and West African realities he helped to forge. Thanks to UNDP’s efforts and its successful co-operation with the Liberian government, Liberia is now a trendsetter for many West African countries. 

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