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 International Centre for Transitional Justice

Restoring trust in post-conflict societies.

Projects undertaken in 31 countries.

In contrast to human rights organizations focused on documenting abuses or lobbying to influence behavioral change, the International Centre for Transitional Justice was founded 10 years ago with the aim of helping societies heal by accounting for and addressing past crimes after a period of repressive rule or armed conflict. A highly respected body of experts working to sow civic trust and rebuild splintered community relations, the New York-based organization provides technical assistance to policy makers and institutions, works with victims and activists, and studies the successes and failures of transitional justice methods to promote best practices. 

In this sense the efforts of the International Centre for Transitional Justice are a marriage of past and present – working to remove perpetrators from positions of authority and see that victims are compensated – paving the way for stable societies in the wake of collective trauma. The organization also encourages domestic courts to adjudicate cases of human rights abuses, realising their effectiveness in fighting impunity and ability to circumvent the limited capacities of the International Criminal Court acting alone. 

With the wave of popular revolutions toppling repressive regimes across the Middle East and North Africa, the International Centre for Transitional Justice has already begun providing technical assistance and advice to local actors on the delicate path ahead.

(Photo ©  International Centre for Transitional Justice)