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In his past life as head of the World Bank’s office in Nairobi, Peter Eigen witnessed first-hand the devastating and pervasive effect of systemic corruption on development initiatives throughout East Africa. Recognizing the limited capacity of governments and international institutions to regulate, shape and control the increasingly globalized world economy - lending corruption an apparent ‘inevitability’ - the organization he founded, Transparency International, is committed to raising awareness, lobbying for reform and devising practical strategies to expose and fight this practice in all its forms.

In less than 20 years, Transparency International has put corruption on the map, via a coalition-led approach bringing together governments, businesses, civil society actors and the media. At the time of the organization’s inception in 1993, it was still legal in most countries to pay bribes abroad. Taking the fight to the OECD, Transparency International scored an early victory in ensuring that all member states now have national anti corruption legislation. Similarly, Transparency International has been instrumental in the passage and drafting of all three major international agreements on corruption currently in force.

The organization’s work in the public domain has also been credited with catalyzing a normative shift globally – its annual publication, the Corruption Perceptions Index, has become the leading comparative measure of corruption worldwide.

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