Table of Contents
International Telecommunication Regulations

Preamble (title)
Article 1. Purpose and Scope of the Regulations (title)
1.1 (purpose)
new 1.1 c, d, e and f (interruption of services, no harm and priority)
1.2 (definition of “public”)
1.3 (facilitating interconnection)
1.4 (incorporation of certain ITU-T Recommendations by reference)
1.5 (mutual agreement)
1.6 (compliance with ITU-T Recommendations)
1.7 (authorization by Member States)
1.8 (relation to Radio Regulations)
new 1.9 (relation to other treaties)

Article 2. Definitions (title)
2.1 (telecommunication)
2.2 (international telecommunication service)
2.3 (government telecommunication)
2.4 (service telecommunication)
2.5 (privilege telecommunication)
2.6 (international route)
2.7 (relation)
2.8 (accounting rate)
2.9 (collection charge)
2.10 (instructions)
new 2.10A (public correspondence)
new 2.10B (operating agency)
new 2.10C (service telecommunication)
new 2.11 (transit rate)
new 2.12 (termination rate)
new 2.13 (spam)
new 2.14 (hub)
new 2.15 (hubbing)
new 2.16 (fraud)
new 2.17 (global telecommunications service)
new 2.21 (originating identification)
new 2.22 (emergency/distress telecommunications)
new 2.23 (personal data)
new 2.24 (integrity of the international telecommunication network)
new 2.25 (stability of the international telecommunication network)
new 2.26 (security of the international telecommunication network)
new 2.27 (roaming)
new 2.28 (IP interconnection)
new 2.29 (End to end quality of service delivery and best effort delivery)

Article 3. International Network (title)
3.1 (cooperation)
3.2 (sufficient facilities)
3.3 (mutual agreement on routes)
3.4 (right to send traffic)
new 3.5 (misuse, includes proposals made under other articles)
new 3.6 (calling party identification, includes proposals made under other articles)
new 3.7 (international connectivity,)
new 3.8 (right to transmit traffic)
new 3.9 (provision of sufficient numbering resources)

Article 4. International Telecommunication Services (title)
4.1 (promote implementation)
4.2 (provision of services)
4.3 (quality of service)
new 4.4 (roaming price transparency)
new 4.5 (Global Telecommunication Services)
new 4.6 (provision of roaming)
new 4.7 (international IP connections)
new 4.8 (border zone inadvertent roaming)

Article 5. Safety of Life and Priority Telecommunications (title)
addition to 5.1 regarding spam and privacy
5.1 (safety of life telecommunications)
5.2 (government telecommunications)
5.3 (priority of other telecommunications)
new 5.4 (application of ITU-T Recommendations)
new 5.5 (single emergency number)
new 5.6 (informing subscribers of emergency number)
new Article 5A. Confidence and Security in the Provision of International Telecommunication/ICT Services
new Article 5B. Countering spam

Article 6. [Charging and Accounting | International Telecommunication Service arrangements| Pricing | Economic and Policy Issues ](title)
6.1 (collection charge)
6.1.3 (taxation)
6.2 (accounting rates)
6.3 (monetary unit)
SUP: 6.3.2
6.4 (establishment of accounts and settlement of balance of accounts)
6.5 (service and privilege telecommunications)
new 6.6 (status of ITU-T Recommendations)
new 6.7 (recourse to competition authorities and dispute resolution)
new 6.8 (competition authorities)
new 6.9 (payments by creditors)
new 6.9 (combating fraud)
new 6.11 (dissemination of regulatory frameworks)
new 6.12 (cost-based rates)
new 6.12A (price of mobile roaming)
new 6.12B (open equivalent access prices)
new 6.13 (price transparency)
new 6.14 (investment in high-bandwidth infrastructure)
new 6.15 (cost-oriented pricing)
new 6.16 (compensation for carried traffic)
new 6.17 (transparency of end-user prices)
new 6.18 (measures for land-locked countries)
new 6.18A (charging units)
new 6.19 (charges and free services)
new 6.20 (rendering and settlement of accounts)
new 6.A (price transparency)
new 6.B (investment in high-bandwidth infrastructure)
new 6.C (cost-oriented pricing)
new 6.D (return on investment)
new 6.E (compensation for carried traffic)
new 6.F (universal service fund)
new 6.G (taxation)
6.2 (accounting transit and termination rates)

Article 7. Suspension of Services (title)

Article 8. Dissemination of Information (title)
new Article 8A. Energy Efficiency

Article 9. Special Arrangements (title)
9.1 (special arrangements)
9.2 (avoidance of technical harm)

Article 10. [Final Provisions | Entry into Force and Provisional Application] (title)

Appendix 1 (title)
Appendix 2 (title)
Appendix 3 (title)
Resolutions, Recommendations, Opinion (title)
Resolution No. 1
Resolution No. 2
Resolution No. 3
Resolution No. 4
Resolution No. 5
Resolution No. 6
Resolution No. 7
Resolution No. 8
new Resolution No. A
new Resolution No. B
Recommendation No. 1
Recommendation No. 2
Recommendation No. 3
Opinion No 1