German Economy Minister, Philipp Roesler, has urged the EU to appoint a special commissioner assigned to supervise the implementation of reforms in member states affected by the debt crisis.

Germany had already proposed a similar idea regarding the creation of an economic commissioner that would keep an eye on Greece’s finances. The proposal was later rejected, however, by Greece and other Eurozone partners.

Roesler highlighted Greece’s reluctance to fully cooperate with Germany in tackling its financial problems. "I sometimes get the impression that the Greek people are fully aware of the sacrifices being asked of them, but that the elites in Greece don't want to forego their privileges". He added "it is all the more important that Greece is ready to cooperate better".

Berlin’s idea to create an EU reconstruction commissioner is likely to lead to fierce debate, given perceptions of an encroachment on member-states' sovereignty. Roesler explained that "the reconstruction commissioner would be primarily responsible for growth impulses and the implementation of reforms in countries (needing EU aid)" and suggested the portfolio could eventually be assigned to one of the 27 EU commissioners.

(With AFP) (Photo © Zimbio)