Herman Van RompuyEuropean countries are heading towards increased ‘’interdependence and co-responsibility” according to Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council at Humboldt University (6th February). Speaking on 'The Discovery of Co-responsibility: Europe in the Debt Crisis’, Van Rompuy argued the Euro - "the Union's symbolic heart" - has played a crucial role in accelerating "economic and political interdependence" amongst countries in the Eurozone. He added that this also raised a "new awareness of co-responsibility amongst Europe’s leaders". During the address, Van Rompuy recognized the growing peer pressure felt by European governments and the need for each to be aware of their "co-responsibility" in a time of financial hardship. "Each country - and I am in particular thinking of Greece - is not only responsible for itself but also for the monetary union as a whole" declared Van Rompuy.

Reflecting on the future of the European Union in light of the current challenges threatening the Eurozone’s financial stability, Van Rompuy suggested that this crucial period in Europe’s history will not lead to the "re-nationalisation of European politics", but to a "Europeanisation of national political life".

(Photo © European Council)