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PLAN - Haiti

Alleviatingchild poverty.

Serving 28.2 million children globally.

Founded to provide food, accommodation and education to children during the Spanish Civil War, PLAN International has been delivering integrated community programs for children for over 70 years. Based in Surrey, but with a presence in 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, the organization’s approach to humanitarian assistance has evolved from wartime relief activities to post-war support, and finally long-term community development and emergency assistance that helps meet the needs of both children and their families. 

Deriving the majority of its operating income from its pioneering child sponsorship scheme comprising millions of individual donors, PLAN International’s activities are organized around eight core areas: health, education, water and sanitation, protection, economic security, emergencies, sexual health (including HIV/AIDS prevention) and child participation. All interventions are guided by the organization’s ‘child-centered community development’ approach, a rights-based framework focusing on social inclusion and youth empowerment. 

Presently reaching over 28 million children worldwide, PLAN International has most recently been partnering with UNICEF in Haiti to ensure that youth have a voice in postearthquake reconstruction, and training health workers to reduce the incidence of child and maternal mortality. At the international level, its ‘Learn Without Fear’ campaign has successfully advocated stronger legal safeguards, benefitting more than 390 million children.

(Photo © Plan International)