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    Sandra Aviles has worked with FAO since 1997 with progressive responsibility in policy analysis, in the development of agriculture investment programs and aid effectiveness. In addition to her work at FAO Headquarters as Senior Adviser on Resources Mobilization and Aide Effectiveness and as Executive Officer for the FAO Liaison Office in Washington, D.C., she has had assignments with other international organizations including IFAD, ILO and the World Bank. Since joining the FAO Office in Geneva in 2008, Ms Aviles acts as focal point and representative for matters related to FAO’s humanitarian work, in interagency (IASC) meetings, member state briefings, working groups on humanitarian issues and with the GHD (Good Humanitarian Donorship) donors. She currently heads the FAO Office in Geneva and is leading the IASC task team on funding preparedness. Ms Aviles has a Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and Economics from the American University in Paris and has pursued Graduate Studies in International Affairs, specializing in economic development and finance at the School of International Affairs, Columbia University, New York. She recently completed a Master degree in Policy and Negotiations at the Graduate Institute of International Relations and Development Studies in Geneva.

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