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    James Parker is a London based Political and Legal Analyst who specialises in international relations. He is giving presentations and speeches that explore the way international solutions can be implemented in order to fix the escalating problems that we all face together. He has been focusing on finding wise and intelligent solutions through out his life and feels that it is now severely urgent in this the second decade of the twenty first century. James holds degree in Politics and Masters in International Law and has worked for leading NGO's, the Fabian Society think tank and with Cabinet Ministers in Parliament. Since October 2012 James has set up an events and speakers agency called WiseTalk, which offers intelligent keynotes, additional research and media-related services. James is also the Political Liaison Coordinator for the international Simultaneous Policy UK (Simpol UK), helps with TEAMHumanity and member of OnePeople OneWorld. James is motivated by a single, simple, powerful idea - that he wants to play a part in building a better society for all.

    Visit http://jamesparker.org.uk/




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