Day 13 -The Life of an Artist - Cairo/Sayeda Zainb - February 5, 2012

Using theater to convey powerful messages that raise awareness and change mindsets – that’s the daily challenge for Hussein and his amateur theater troupe. Originally from Suez, Hussein is a great enthusiast for theater and cinema, and shares his passion for the stage together with his coaching and acting skills with this joyful and motivated little company.

Several times a week the company gets together in a modest room in the Sayeda Zaind quarter in order to rehearse a committed play called “Awlad Elghadbwa Elhab” (“The son of rage and love”). The work tackles societal issues such as differences between class and generation in today’s Egypt, where the points of reference have been marked by the revolution, against a background of suffering and mutual support.

As in Western societies, budgets for culture are often the first things to go when severe cutbacks are needed, so it’s easy to understand how these budding artists have to search constantly for sponsors and funding to mount their productions. In a world where cronyism is prevalent, finding your place up with the Greats needs, besides dramatic talent, a well-developed social network.

However, stardom is not the ultimate goal of this company - their main aim is to communicate a strong message to the spectators, while everybody ­- regardless of age, sex or religion – enjoys themselves.

Photo & text by Gaël Favari

(Photo © Gaël Favari for The Global Journal)


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